Ongoing projects

Outcomes from hitchhiking book to include ....

1. Proposed policy recommendations for rural transport initiatives based on tried and tested schemes from around the world.

2. Multi-media talks on the value of 'thinking like a hitchhiker' as a contribution to debates about alleviating climate breakdown and societal collapse. 

3. Journalistic articles on historical case studies where hitchhiking has boosted the national economy.

4. CD of hitchhiking songs


5. Publicly accessible Hitchhiking research archive attached to this website, including material not in other publications and substantial lists of films, songs, novels and other hitcher related culture.






Non-Fiction - Currently working on ...


- A short book of accessible essays on the politics of middle age for a general audience.

- A mixed-format collection on the poetic form as a form of therapy for humanising our enemies and over coming conflict in our lives.  This will be a short collection for a general market.


FictionCurrently working on ...


- A Hebridean-set novel about the power of music to alter our perceptions of the environment and bring communities together.