Reviews, rants and respect

Opinion piece: That space where our names should be: writers, acknowledgments and the 'creative underclasses of history'.

 Review essay: Our bodies, grieving in Nature

- Alison Lock's Lure

Review essay: 'Between the feral and the pure': Outlander and the psychology of historical fiction

Opinion piece: What would John Denver have done?: the music industry, climate breakdown and (not) leaving on a jetplane

A selection of my 'Goodreads' reviews

(including books by Dave Rigby (2), Georgina Hutchison (4), Joanne Harris, Stef Penny, Salley Vickers, Bruno Arpaia, Orhan Pamuk, Yanis Varoufakis, Milan Kundera, Iain Banks, Sigurd F. Orsen, Ken Macleod, Maggie O'Farrell).  

Heart Graffiti
Ribbon on Spool

CD music reviews: previously on the 'You Know Who' website (including Jon Sanders, Runrig, Rhombus).

Musician in the Desert

'Better than Telly' - house concert reviews 2010 - 2014 (writing as Dr Hyperbole!)

A bit of fun really, but plenty of praise for original live music artists who have passed through Huddersfield and the house concerts organised by Jac Gaile and James Bar Bowen. Do-it-yourself culture as it should be.

Scott Cook 

Miss Quincy (and Tyler Toews)

Jez Hellard and the Djukella Orchestra

Jon Sanders and Dave Alley/Pale and Interesting



Lydia Landor/Crooks&Claridge

Scrape & Squeeze, Bomber Harris & his love parade;

Kein wort de reue; Leo Brazil & his Twitch

Pete Spafford's play 'Only Water Between'

Red Dirt Skinners/Mac of Marsden

James Bar Bowen/Lost Soul/Billy Liar


Lydia Landor - Photos- (c) Bright Red Marker 2013