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CarmaHop in Lawrence, Kansas in 2015

Useful surveys and resources regarding policy


2009 UK Automobile Association/Poplus survey asked 15,000 members about picking up hitchhikers. The percentage who said they would was 9% down from 11% two yars before, however certain rural and provincial parts of the UK were more favourable in attitude - such as Cornwall, Devon, Wales and Highland Scotland. Anecdotally I always felt that 1 in 20 vehicles would be prepared to stop in the 1980s and 1990s  which is obviously a lower percentage than suggested here! 

2014 Survey of 791 members of Royal Dutch Touring Club (ANDB)

67% give or would like to give lifts

nederlandlift :: Results survey: Hitchhiking in the NetherlandsAvenir 


Social benefits of talking to strangers 

This is now pretty well established and underpins the difference between commuting by public transport and  the psychological benefits of lift sharing 

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