Musical indiscretions

I've been playing drums and percussion since childhood and in many rock, jazz and folk bands in the decades since. Between 1994 and 2008 I performed many times with Huddersfield's alt.folk band Bar the Shouting in halls, pubs and festivals throughout Britain, often supporting various environmental, peace or social justice campaigns.  Since then I've drummed on a number of albums and annoyed people singing my own songs at open mic nights in the Huddersfield area. 


Lyrics and music to

Rocketship Days * Just a Little Time * Inheritance

Your Greatest Day


My hitchhiking & roadtrip songs (opens in a new window)

Lyrics and chords to some of the other songs I perform

(work in progress)

Speaking in Tongues (2000)  

(about Walter Benjamin)

The Age of Maturity (2018)

(about Camille Claudel)

When Keats had gone (2017)

(er ... about John Keats!)

A Mother's Day (2016)

The Visitor (2007)

First Love (2008)

Singularity (2017)

The Eternal Return (2018)

Juliette (2019)

The Empath (2014)

Afterlife (2013)

Dowsing Days (2006)

Secret Society (2004)