The creative gift economy ... and its limitless contents

Fellow intellectual travelers

Jamie Heckert

Dana M. Williams

Anarchist Studies journal

David Graeber

Inspirational people in my life

James ‘Bar’ Bowen (music and political comment)

Georgina Hutchison (historical fiction)

Alison Lock (Nature poetry)

M. Valerio (Art and poetry)

Nicole Matthews (researcher on media, gender and disabilities)

More famous people who've made me think:

Murray Bookchin (social ecologist)

Ursula Le Guin (novelist/essayist)

Walter Benjamin (essayist)

Gary Snyder (poet, ecologist)

Jay Griffiths (writer, activist)

Chellis Glendinning (eco-psychologist/activist)

​Kim Stanley Robinson (political science fiction)

Rebecca Solnit (writer, activist)

Hitchhiking resources

The premier hitchhiking information site is in multiple languages and international in advice and scope. Contains a really top drawer database of academic research on hitchhiking history here.

Pioneering research from the late 1990s by the legendary Bernd Wechner


Ongoing kerbside number crunching and observations on hitchhiking cultures available from Robert Prins. 


Inspiring TED talks and radio broadcasts to check out