Faultlines from the 'Covid Interregnum'*

Many creative projects have been spawned by the lockdowns, even as artists, actors, writers and musicians have struggled to work. I found myself gravitating towards shorter - more haiku length - forms of expression to try and capture some of the terrifying, bizarre and beautiful moments of this extraordinary time.  I will try to keep updating!

Spring 2020


Homo Economicus 1

In the store

Nature sorts us out

Lifelines divide

Choice makes ends meet.

Homo economicus 2 (after Flint)

Doctrine shock

In ghost towns

People stumble for water

Lost in leaden haze.

Ecological currency deflation 

Cold trade wind exposure

Market pitchers

Lose their thrust

Nature bats last.

Sexy Net Flicks

We are one

Desiring race

Chasing difference

To the finish line.

Summer 2020

Alms trading (VE Day)

Dissonance rules

A sick nation

Drones press the

Blitz spirit over Syria.

Extinction Rebellion

Just another story

The papers report

On declining values.

Open skies policies

At sunset a bloody mauling

Our thin blue sheath

Rent to fuel folly.

Autumn 2020

Stuck in traffick

Off the Kent shore

A flotilla of little ships

Weighed down by the past.

The Bullingdon Club Fatwa

Defiled images of moolah

Unworthy for free school

Trade thought.

Personal planet

When Greta speaks

Of this abuse

Our inner Earth

Cries for mother.

Homo Habilis (clapping the NHS)

From the outside

Ideal homes cocoon

Strange folk missing links.

A low cost conspiracy

It’s gone viral!

This plot to consume

Everything is up for grabs.

Our leaders

Float in thermals

Of childhood rage

Truth balloons

In skies free from cloud.

The News

We hide in the spokes

Of the wheels we create

To watch the next crash.


Bank Holiday

Hiding no more

Liberty tans the virus

Picks up the rubbish.

Winston and Julia are dating again

In Big Brother masks

Playing lip service

To new sex crime reports.

Winston and Julia are dating again (part 2)

On the moor

Things get heavy

Thermal image drones

Can’t take the heat.


Basic income streams

Must be paid forward

In exchange for Earth gift

Need not return.

Transport history lessons

Carriages unload their burdens

By the school

No escape from the gas.

Yemen: a graphic guide

BAE men, USA men,

Sonny and Cher men,

Not so pretty petals.


Billionaire gods make war

Selling red shift time

Without shares.

Digital discrimination

Apps have gone viral

Tracking new profits

Is a taxing test.