All things media! 

Excerpt from Chapter 1 - The story of Mr Charles Brown Jr - the first hitchhiker of the motor age


Manchester Histories Festival 2022 


Loads of really interesting events sampled here: My section is at 6hr 18m, but there's also fellow MUP author David Whyte talking about 'Ecocide' (9hr 24m) and a stunning talk by David Adetayo Olusoga about statues and power (3hr 44m).  

Edited Collections  with James Bowen

changing anarachism.jpg

Changing Anarchism: Anarchist theory and practice in a global age (Manchester University Press 2004/2012) 

e-version of book also available (for free)


Twenty-first century anarchism  (1997)

Currently out of print in English but there's a great Turkish translation (1998)


If you are buying second hand please support independent or philanthropic retailers.


Other books to which I have contributed.


Introduction and short tribute essay: 'Anarchy Unbound' to my friend John Moore


A fine collection of direct  action essays from 2000. My 'Modern millenarians' about anticonsumerism is included. 


During the 1990s I was a researcher at Manchester Institute for Popular Culture. There are two of my chapters in this book (details on next page).