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2022 Driving with strangers: what hitchhiking tells us about humanity. Manchester University Press £20 Hardback (illustrated) ORDER

(2012, reprint 2014) ‘The hitchhiker as a theorist

from Kinna, R. (ed.) The Bloomsbury Companion to Anarchism (paperback version).

(2005) 'In praise of gift economics' (editorial), Anarchist Studies 13 (1) Autumn p1-2.

(2021) Review of Jeff Shantz's  Organizing Anarchy: Anarchism in action (Leiden and Boston: Brill, 2020) published in  Volume 50, Issue 6 of Contemporary Sociology (Sage). This is the 'accepted version' not locked behind an academic paywall.

​​​​​​Interview with Dana M. Williams

In 2014/15 Dana interviewed many sociologists and anarchists he knew about the intersection between these two ways of understanding the world. The full resource is available at

My own humble contribution is at


(2004) ‘Consuming heresy: theoretical and practical problems of challenging consumerism in contemporary protest cultures’ in Morland, D. & J. Carter (eds.) Anti-Capitalist Britain, London: New Clarion Press.

(2004, reprint 2012)Towards an Anarchist Sociology’ in Changing Anarchism (Manchester University Press).

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(2001) ‘A Sociology of Environmental Protest’ PhD thesis,

(three separate documents - Chapters 1-4; 5-9; bibliography)

(1996). “Daring to Dream: Idealism in the Philosophy, Organization and Campaigning Strategies of Earth First!. To Make Another World: Studies in Protest and Collective Action. Ed. Colin Barker and ‎Paul M. Kennedy. Aldershot: Avebury, 197-215.

(1996) 'The City as a site of ethical consumption and resistancein Wynne, D. & O'Connor, J. (eds) From the Margins to the Centre, Aldershot: Arena. (This is the 2017 e-book version)

(1996) ‘Shouting in the Street: popular culture, values and the new ethnography’ (with Andy Lovatt) in Wynne, D. & O'Connor, J. (eds) From the Margins to the Centre, Aldershot: Arena

(NB - this is a googlebooks' abridged version that provides a good gist of the arguments)

A 2017 e-book version is on the Taylor & Francis website. (Good luck getting it!)

(1996) Review Article: York, M. 'The Emerging Network: A Sociology of the New Age and Neo-pagan Movements', Sociology Vol 30, 3. p 628-629.

(1994) Book Review of Pile, S. and Keith, M. (1993) 'Place and the Politics of Identity', Sociology vol. 28, 3: pp. 827-828.

(1993) Interview for BBC Radio 1 on the Twyford Down anti-M3 road extension protest and the 'Dongas Tribe'. (Conducted 1 November, Phil Korbel). 

(2012/2004) ‘Why Anarchism still matters’ (co-written with James Bowen) introduction to Changing Anarchism. Manchester University Press.

(2012/2004) 'How Anarchism still matters' (co-written with James Bowen)

concluding essay to Changing Anarchism, Manchester University Press.

(2007) 'Facilitating diversity: some thoughts on being a book reviews editor, Anarchist Studies, 15 (2) Autumn, pp 5-7.

(2004) ‘Not complicated, but complex: ideology, discourse and misunderstanding’ (a response to Karen Goaman) (with Graeme Chesters and Ian Welsh), Anarchist Studies, 12, (1): 76-81.

(2003) ‘Redefining Anarchism for the Twenty-First Century: Some Modest Beginnings’ (co-written with Ian Welsh). Anarchist Studies, 11, 1, pp. 5-12. (Special edition on Direct Action - co-edited with Ian Welsh)

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(1997) ‘The Masks of Anarchy’ (with James Bowen) introduction to Twenty-First century anarchism, London: Cassell.

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