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Where I am coming from...

We are all travellers, yet not always explorers. How and why we move through time and space is as important as the ideas which we carry with us whilst doing so. How we research and write about these journeys, and those who we meet on them, says much about the societies which we wish to create and the people we would like to be.

​​My travel and transport related writings on this site include ...

  • sociological theory informed by ecologism and anarchism

  • essays on the history of hitchhiking and transport mutual aid

  • essays on popular culture, politics and the environment

  • book reviews of political/ecological fiction and nonfiction  

  • support for fellow writers, poets, musicians and artists  

  • my own poems and songs. 


Some tasters ...

Long poem: 'When we travel again'. NEWEST

Opinion piece: That space where our names should be: writers, acknowledgments and the 'creative underclasses of history'.  

'The Hitchhiker as a theorist' - a sociological look at societies from the kerbside,

Availability, contact and mutual aid

I am a writer, independent academic, tutor and musician.  

If you want to collaborate on a project, suggest a review or ask about my research, please email me:

If you want to know more about my writing, teaching and research history, you can access my curriculum vitae here.

It is nice to get paid in the formal economy, but I am happy to support projects which may wish to trade in other currencies (vegan stews, organic beer, goodwill etc).

If you like some of the material on this site and feel inspired to support it then I would be very grateful. Being an independent writer/researcher does not come with a five-figure salary!

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Copyright issues. Quote, cite, paraphrase by all means but do it respectfully. We all borrow from one another. Nobody sues anyone unless they have got huge amounts of money to spend or lose.